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PDPC y Grupo Prodeco, aliados en proyecto de paz en el Cesar_pequeña.jpg

PDPC and the Prodeco Group, allied in peace projects in Cesar 

On the 3rd of  May at the Sicarare Hotel of Valledupar the official launching of the Cesar’s Development and Peace Program – PDPC was held; this is an important initiative of the civil society that seeks to strengthen and improve the opportunities and participation of the communities in the dynamics that the peace process is generating, in particular in the communities that have been victims of violence, exclusion and marginalization, in a new post – conflict scenario that today the National Government has brought to the consideration of the Colombian people. 

Innauguracón La Victoria_.jpgAn "ecological community" in Cesar

In 2014 Plan Bonito was the first community to participate in the resettlement process.  This community’s Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) was designed for individual resettlement, with compensation taking the form of an exchange of houses and a cash payment for each family living in Plan Bonito. 98 residing families were resettled, these families now enjoy better living conditions, public utility services and access to health facilities. 

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Cesar's Governor and Mayors analyzed important topics related to coal mining

In order to continue and extend the work that has been developed over many years in the department of Cesar, the Governor of Cesar and the mayors of La Jagua de Ibirico, Becerril and El Paso, for the period 2016 - 2019, visited the Calenturitas mine looking for new projects for neighboring communities.