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La Pachita y Mata de Palma once again filled with life 

With the assistance of the European Union Embassy in Colombia; Ana Paula Zacarías; the Governor of Cesar, Franco Ovalle; the Mayor of El Paso, Hidalfo de la Cruz; Prodeco CEO Mark McManus; Corpocesar; AUNAP and fishing families of the area; the repopulation project of the La Pachita and Mata de Palma Bogs in the town of La Loma was started, which seeks to bring life back into these important bodies of water in Cesar.  



Total success in the Prodeco Group’s Third Mining Forum

On July 30, in Valledupar, all everyone was talking about was Prodeco and its good mining practices. For the third year in a row, the mining company gathered in a single place the most important figures in Peace and Sustainable Development, Mining Companies and Human Rights, Challenges for Cesar in Times of Post-conflict and Journalism and Peace Building, as well as journalists and opinion leaders, for the purpose of properly discussing mining issues. 


In Ciénaga they also speak English


July 27, 2016.  The visit of de Sara Watson and Jessica Laine Gault – educators from the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively, has generated high levels of expectation of 80 students of the Educational Institution “Alianza para el Progreso”, who, for an initial period of five months, will be immersed in the teaching of the foreign language in order to strengthen their skills in English as a second language.